One recommendation for panty sellers to entice buyers is to make yourself a little gif.  Here is a sample of a used panty seller that made a gif showing off exactly what she is offering without actually exposing any naughty bits.  Very sexy, very enticing and I’m sure will generate a good demand for her panties.


What are some of the things you do as a seller to increase the demand for your panties?

What are some of the things you as a buyer look for when browsing the panty store for used panties?  Let us know below so we can further build our community of panty sellers and buyers to be the best around.

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    Devin Devine 1 year ago

    Very Sexy GIF and great idea! I look forward to start selling again, I am going to start setting up my store once I get some info back from you on some questions I am needing refreshed on!

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