By W S Wilson

The papers during this quantity supply a balanced account of advancements in soil natural topic examine. It specializes in composition and constitution, water caliber, natural topic turnover, humus caliber and fertility, and is key examining for all these fascinated by the environmental features of soil conservation and development

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H-NMR and carbon isotopic data as indicators of different environments for humic substances, refer to other recent references. * 12 15 Py/MS data on the fragmentation patterns of humic substances have considerable potential for research in soil and water sciences. Curie point Py/MS analysis has been shown to be definitive for identifying the environment from which the humic substance was isolated. The new temperature programmable pyrolysis/soft ionization MS techniques developed by Shulten have been used successfully to determine the sources of many types of leaf and wood fragments.

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A . 1990. Solid-state CP/MAS C NMR analysis of particle size and density fractions of a soil incubated with uniformly labelled C glucose. Aust. J. Soil Res. 28, 193-212.

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