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The Q03 and Q01 data fields are progressively shifted toward lower permeability and porosity, relative to the Q05 data. Damp interdune facies from well Q05 also possess better reservoir properties than the same facies from wells Q03 or Q01 (Fig. 13). Data displayed represent all damp interdune lithofacies from all reservoir zones. As with the aeolian dune facies, the data fields overlap with the Q03 and Q01 data fields offset to lower porosity. Figures 12 and 13 demonstrate that the aeolian dune sandstones possess better porosity and permeability than the damp interdune sandstones.

Note floating grain texture. 4 in well 31/2-11 shows rim cement around feldspar (centre of photo) and extensive fracturing of the clastic grains. (c) and (d) Cathodoluminescence photomicrographs of cement textures associated with macro-type IV. cementation. (e) Sample from a clean, high permeable type sandstone and (d) sample from a micaceous sandstone. Both (c) and (d) show well-developed feldspar overgrowths seen as non-luminescent rims around blue luminescent feldspar grains which are post-dated by the blocky to poikilotopic ferroan calcite cements.

1987. Diagenesis of the Maxon sandstone (Early Cretaceous), Marathon region, Texas: a diagenetic quartzarenite. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 57, 98-107. C. 1982. Clay mineral diagenesis in Rotliegend aeolian sandstones of the southern North Sea. Clay Minerals, 17, 69-78. M. G. 1987. The structural and stratigraphic evolution of the northeast margin of the Sole Pit Basin. In: BROOKS,J. & GLENNIE, K. (eds) Petroleum Geology of North West Europe. Graham & Trotman, London, 263-276. From ASHTON, M.

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