By Henning Harmuth, Beate Meffert, Peter W. Hawkes

During this quantity, the authors expand the calculus of finite changes to Dirac's equation. They receive ideas for debris with damaging mass which are thoroughly corresponding to the options with confident mass. furthermore, they receive options for nuclear distances of the order of 10-13m and not more instead of for the standard atomic distances. They record a few different deviations from the differential thought, for example they discovered a moderate deviation within the eigenvalues of an electron in a Coulomb box, just like the Lamb shift. In sections a few dazzling effects are proven for the idea that of house brought on by the substitute of dx via delta x.

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The important thing are the points which may be realized by the crossing of searchlight beams at night or by range and direction measurements from a radar. The coordinate lines shown dashed only help us comprehend the coordinate system. 4 would be incomprehensible without the rods connecting the coordinate points. 5-la is possible only in a theory based on "arbitrarily small but finite differences". 5-la with distances dx, dy between the coordinate points. 5-la but the points are now connected to yield a coordinate system with one variable X rather than with two variables x, y.

However, without paper plane we loose such concepts as surface, Euclidean plane, conical surface, etc. These are elements of Euclidean geometry that require infinitesimal distances and non-denumerable many of them. In return one becomes more able to distinguish between ph,ysical necessit,~and mathematical invention. 4-5. 4-1 replaced by slanted systems with a slant angle cr # 7r/2 measured in the paper plane. Three-dimensional discrete Cartesian coordinate system with coordinate markers at the distances Ax, Ay, Az.

5-6 for the edge of the distorted parallelepiped from zl , y l , zo to X I , yl , zl . 5-4. 5-3. The coordinate cell is defined by either three distances and three angles or by six distances AX(~O YO, , LO),AY(XI,YO, ZO),AZ(XI,YI,ZO), A ~ x y ( x o , ~A ~ S, ~ ~~()Xr I , to), Y O and , As,yz(~o,YO, zo). (l) and (2) from two and three variables to n variables xO,xl, . . 5 CURVED SPACE IN A DIFFERENCE THEORY AV = A ~ ( ~ o , y i , z o ) a,, = a,,(:cl. 5-5. 5-4 showing t h e t r u e length of Ax(x0, yo,to), Ay(x1, yo,to), a n d t h e t r u e angle a,,(xl, yo, to).

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