By Alan R. Katritzky

(from preface)Volume fifty one of Advancesconsists of 3 chapters, V. V. Mezheritskii and V. V. Tkachenko (Rostov-on-Don, U.S.S.R.) evaluation the synthesis of peri-annelated heterocycles, a wide and engaging type which has now not formerly been taken care of in a scientific model. R. M. Acheson (Oxford, U.K.) offers the 1st certain survey of l-hydroxypyrroles and their benzo derivatives, compounds which convey an engaging and weird chemistry. eventually, B. A. Trofimov (Irkutsk, U.S.S.R.) describes the mini-fold preparative risk for pyrroles from ketoximes and acetylenes, a response stumbled on by means of Trofimov and constructed through him right into a most vital access into pyrrole chemistry.Volume fifty one must have been an ''Index Volume,'' and certainly the indices have been already in a sophisticated level, whilst severe affliction within the indexer's instant kin avoided their inclusion during this quantity. they are going to seem in a later quantity.

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Under the same conditions, 5-alkoxy-l-(N-acetyl-N-methyl)aminonaphthalenes 127 ( R = Me) give rise to N-methyl-substituted benzo[cdlindolium perchlorates 129. In air or on heating in acetic acid solution, N-acetylbenzo[cd]indolium perchlorates 128 add a molecule of water, followed by elimination of acetic acid fragments, to afford N-protonated benzo[cd]indolium perchlorates 126 (80ZOR1958; 81 ZOR 1998). OH \ - / OR (1 28) 026) OR OH (127) c 104- (129) The method just described allows high yields of the various Nprotonated, N-alkylated, and N-acylated benzo[cd]indolium salts, both OAc I (133) OMe Sec.

CONH2 pounds in the presence of bases (88JHC539). One more variant of the attachment of a pyran ring includes 0-oxomethylation and 0carboxymethylationof 2-substituted 1-naphtholsfollowed by intramolecular C-alkylation or C-acylation to give naphtho[bc]pyrans 289 and naphtho[bc]pyran-3-ones 290 (63HCA415,63JCS2907;67MI 1). R (290) BrCHZCOR" R, \ / \ R (289) Some non-standard synthetic pathways to compounds of the naphtho[bc]pyran series are known. One consists in generation of the complex heterocyclic dehydrobenzene derivative 291, which then undergoes an intramolecular [4 + 21 cycloaddition to afford the bridge system 292.

2 cfi (151) H2/Pd_ & \ HCI. A EtOH (153) Condensations of Snitrotetralin with diethyl oxalate (149 + 150) or terr-butoxy-bis-dimethylaminomethane(149 + 151) are possible because of the activation of the methylene link by the ortho-situated nitro group. The dimethylaminomethylenationreaction (149 + 151) was also applied 28 V . V. MEZHERITSKII AND V. V. TKACHENKO [Sec. B @ 0 654) to synthesis of 1,3,4-trihydrobenzo[cd]indole-5-one(Uhle ketone) 154 (84TL285), which is a key intermediate in the synthesis of lisergine alkaloids.

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