By S. Tanvir Wasti, Guney Ozcebe

Earthquakes affecting city parts may end up in catastrophic events and probability mitigation calls for preparatory measures in any respect degrees. Structural evaluate is the analysis of the seismic future health of structures. review is the prelude to judgements approximately rehabilitation or maybe demolition. the dimensions of the matter in dense city settings brings a few desire for macro seismic appraisal methods simply because huge numbers of latest structures don't comply with the elevated specifications of recent earthquake codes and necessities or produce other deficiencies. it's the weak structures - prone to reason harm and demise - that want instant recognition and pressing appraisal with a purpose to come to a decision if structural rehabilitation and upgrading are possible. present monetary, effective and occupant-friendly rehabilitation strategies range broadly and contain the applying both of precast concrete panels or layers, strips and patches of fiber bolstered polymers (FRP) in strategic destinations. The papers during this booklet, many through well known gurus in earthquake engineering, chart new and important instructions of analysis and alertness within the overview and rehabilitation of structures in seismic areas. whereas numerous papers speak about the probabilistic prediction and quantification of structural harm, others current techniques comparable with the in-situ and occupant pleasant upgrading of constructions and suggest either cost-effective and functional concepts to deal with the matter.

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Knee-jerk analysis in lieu of thinking is a waste of time. A. SOZEN analysis may unearth, but much if not all of the vulnerability is abundantly self evident. It is very seldom that a building fails in a complicated way because of mysterious flaws. People get killed in buildings with simple and obvious flaws. “I still maintain that there is room for drift determination as an indicator of safety,” Dervishian insisted. ” It was Shiba’s turn to get testy. “Elementary,” said Dervishian. “ But I need your help, Kerim.

Most engineers are familiar with the concept and tend to overlook the differences between the responses of systems with one and many degrees of freedom. It is self evident that upon strong shaking, the period moves from its initial value to a higher one. Further, it is plausible to accept that the period will move to the value at which its inherent strength (limiting base shear) will be equal to the base-shear demand. Knowing the limiting base shear and the base-shear demand identifies the period that will be reached.

You must have noted that attenuation curves are always compared with the data in terms of the logarithm of the peak acceleration. That camouflages considerable scatter. As an engineer, I have always felt we were flimflammed by such presentations. Deviations that may look trivial on a logarithmic plot may be devastating for the buildings. A. ” chimed in Dinlemez. Shiba was unmoved, “I do not deny the data. I ask you to look at them carefully. Do not be lulled to inaction by the averages. You know the old proverb: One can drown in a stream with an average depth of a foot.

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