By Henry William Watson

The 1st version of Mr. Watson’s ebook was once released in 1876. the current, a revised, a lot greater, and elevated quantity, is issued additionally in a handier shape. The ebook is, after all, primarily mathematical: it bargains virtually completely with the appropriate excellent gasoline, and supposes that figment of the mathematical brain) “perfect elasticity” to exist for the molecules. it sort of feels to us that, until we all know extra concerning the inner kinetic power of molecules and its legislations of dissipation into the encircling ether, the kinetic idea of gases needs to stay the place Dr. Watson leaves it, a mathematical workout instead of a doable actual thought. Dr. Watson retains away from physics beautiful often, or even the identify of Van der Waals doesn't seem in his treatise. It lacks a desk of contents or an index. Such books, specifically while released by way of a college press, are actually very unusual, and shortly the reviewer will suppose in a position to cross them via with the one remark “no index”!

The Academy and Literature, quantity forty five [1894]

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And which mean since the last expression involves only the constant h common to all the sets of spheres, it follows that the vis viva of the spheres in every set is the same, and is therefore equal to the mean vis viva of all the spheres in the region under consideration. PROPOSITION A number VI. of sets of elastic spheres are moving about in a given region, as in the last proposition, required to find the action exerted by one portion of the medium on another, or the pressure, in the neighbourhood of any point.

Hence the whole where V is virial sum will be equal to the becomes the volume within the surface, and therefore this equation for we have determining jo, If the material particles be replaced by molecules it is easy to see that the above-proved property of the virial still holds, when and z represent the coordinates of the centre of mass of the molecule, and X, Y, and Z are the component forces acting on #, y, the molecule supposed to be applied at the centre of mass. shall therefore have the equation We where the mutual first forces term is the part of the virial arising from the between the molecules.

N sphere matter within this element parallel to the axis of x is, as we have seen, increased by the quantity pdydzdt in the time dt by transference of matter across the face dy dz nearer to the plane of yz> and the same momentum is, in the same time, diminished by the + -4- dx] dy dz dt quantity (p On face dy dz. to parallel by transference across the opposite the whole, therefore, the positive momentum sphere matter within the element is x of the N diminished by the quantity ~- dx dy dz dt in the time dt.

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