By Richard M. Hogg

A Grammar of previous English, quantity II: Morphology completes Richard M. Hogg's two-volume research of the sounds and grammatical kinds of the previous English language.

  • Incorporates insights derived from the newest theoretical and technological advances, which post-date most elderly English grammars
  • Utilizes the databases of the Toronto Dictionary of outdated English undertaking - a electronic corpus comprising at the least one reproduction of every textual content surviving in previous English
  • Features separation of diachronic and synchronic issues within the occasionally complex research of previous English noun morphology
  • Includes huge bibliographical insurance of outdated English morphology

Chapter 1 Preliminaries (pages 1–6):
Chapter 2 Nouns: Stem sessions (pages 7–68):
Chapter three Nouns: Declensions (pages 69–145):
Chapter four Adjectives, Adverbs and Numerals (pages 146–190):
Chapter five Pronouns (pages 191–209):
Chapter 6 Verbs (pages 210–322):

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Example text

Sunjd *sunjdm *sunjdoz *sunjaai *èardijd *èardijdm *èardijdoz *èardijaai Plural Nom. Acc. Gen. Dat. 40. But additionally, in the original light stems there is gemination of all final consonants except */r/. sg. 1 However, suffixed nouns frequently show degemination in the unstressed suffix. 80), and it could be extended to medial position in inflected cases. 2,3 If degemination were early, the types exemplified by hirnitu, myne7enu, etc. sg. sg. from PGmc *atgairijd, cf. 24. 2 See further Cosijn (1886: §18).

Acc. Gen. Dat. Light Heavy wine friend wine wines wine dwl part dwl dwles dwle 38 Nouns: stem classes Plural Nom. Acc. Gen. Dat. 3 The loss of *-iz in the heavy stems was the cause of their more thorough assimilation into the category of a-stems. 61n1. pl. pl. inflexion in ChronA must be read in this light. 62. 61n1. 33 for discussion of whether or not this -e should be analysed synchronically as an inflexion. 7, the following masc. 2 Additional examples include: (a) (b) light: bere ‘barley’, bite ‘bite’, bli7e ‘brightness’, bry7e ‘breach’, bry7e ‘use’, bryne ‘burning’, by8e ‘bending’, byre ‘youth’, cwide ‘speech’, 7yle ‘cold’, cyme ‘arrival’, cyre ‘choice’, dile ‘dill’ (cf.

With just one exception, Deni8a could be substituted for all instances of Dena without detriment to the metre, whilst the substitution of Dena for Deni8a would disrupt the scansion in every instance, see Fulk (1992: 243–5). 2 Bammesberger (1990a: 127) maintains that PGmc *-ijdõ would have been reduced to *-jdõ after a light syllable, causing gemination in light stems, with subsequent analogical restoration of the non-geminate. 12) for references. Cf. the discussion of these forms by Adamczyk (2001).

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