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21Century Content st keeps the plates in constant motion. The movement of plates is called plate tectonics. Scientists think that earth has been recycling itself since the beginning of time. They think this will continue far into the future. T F like this over and over again. It is this process that A T 21st Century Skill L 2 s F A T N P A T More than 10,000 earthquakes occur each year in southern California. Most are so small that people don’t even notice them. California’s many earthquakes are easy to explain.

P R A ield, Supercontinent: Ten Billion Years in the Life of Our Planet. Cambridge, M : arvard niversity ress, 2007. ew York: DK, 2004. P U A H Susanna Van ose, Volcanoes and Earthquakes. N T N ed H NH N eil Morris and nn Morris, Earth’s Changing Continents. Chicago: aintree, 2004. htm Drag your mouse across the world map. See how the continents might once have fit together. ien e: A c sc R eal World Changing Earth 31 Index acific cean, 17 angaea, 24–25 plates, 12–14, 27 plate tectonics, 28 basalt lava, 21 Black ills, 14 blocks, 13–14 bombs, 19 Bridalveil alls, 9 O eal orld Science Challenge, 7, 9, 14, 17, 19, 24 ing of ire, 17 P geologists, 5 glaciers, 7–9 Grand Canyon, 5–6 Grand etons, 13 P folded mountains, 12–13 fossils, 25 W R awaii, 20–22, 26 imalaya Mountains,10–11 R N F F A water erosion, 5–6 waterfalls, 9 egener, lfred, 24 wind, 6–7 ational ark, 8–9 Yosemite oceans, 11 P N N A N orth merica, 25 orthern Mariana Islands, 17 valleys, 8–9 volcanoes, 4, 16–22 W E earthquakes, 28 erosion, 4–6 San ndreas ault, 28 sand dunes, 6–7 shield volcanoes, 20–22 Sleeping Bear ational Lakeshore, 6–7 South merica, 25 stratovolcanoes, 19–20 supercontinent theory, 24–25 A H H F magma, 15, 17–18, 27 mantle, 11–12, 28 Maui, 26 Mauna Kea, 22 Mauna Loa, 20–21 Mesosaurus, 25 mountains, 4, 10–15 Mount verest, 11 Mount Mitchell, 11 dome mountains, 14–15 dunes, 6–7 fault-block mountains, 13–14 faults, 13–14 A Lake Michigan, 7 lava, 18–19, 21 lava tube, 18, 19 California, 28 canyons, 4 cinder cone volcanoes, 22 cinders, 19 Colorado iver, 5 continents, 23–28 core, 12 crust, 11, 12, 14, 26, 27–28 R T H A A A A frica, 25 natahan volcano, 16–17 ndes Mountains, 13 ppalachian Mountains, 11 ash, 19 About the Author Heather Miller is the author of more than 35 books for children.

Other titles in the series include: • • • • • Animals Earth’s Biomes Ecosystems Electricity and Magnetism Matter • • • • Plants Protecting Ecosystems Rocks and Minerals Soil To guide your reading, look for these notes that will help build the understanding and skills you’ll need in the 21st century. Look for the following margin notes: A Changing Earth Earth has been changing for billions of years and it is still changing. Powerful natural forces have formed mountains, canyons, islands and more.

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