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Seneca als Theologe: Studien zum Verhaltnis von Philosophie und Tragodiendichtung (Beitrage zur Altertumskunde)

Das Verhältnis des „Seneca philosophus" zum „Seneca tragicus" ist für die Interpretation von Senecas Tragödien noch immer entscheidend. Die Autorin widmet sich dem challenge im Bereich der Theologie. Sie untersucht inden philosophischen Schriften und Tragödien sein Verständnis von providentia und damit die Theodizeefrage sowie sein Verständnis des fatum und damit die Willensfreiheit.

Four Tragedies and Octavia

Even if their subject matters are borrowed from Greek drama, those exuberant and infrequently macabre performs specialize in motion instead of ethical matters and are strikingly varied fashionable from Seneca's prose writing. This assortment comprises Phaedra, Oedipus, Thyestes, and The Trojan ladies.

The Existential and its Exits: Literary and Philosophical Perspectives on the Works of Beckett, Ionesco, Genet and Pinter

The publication fills an important hole in smooth severe reports. Hitherto, there was no thought of try to relate Existentialist suggestion to modern literature - and this is often accurately what Dr Dobrez achieves, taking 4 top writers and discussing their paintings in terms of Husserl, Heidegger and Sartre.

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Bahlke, 1970; Auden as a Social Poet by Frederick H. Buell, 1973; Man's Place: An Essay on Au den by Richard Johnson, 1973; Au den: A Tribute edited by Stephen Spender, 1975. 30 AUDEN One of the most recurrent features of W. H. Auden 's poetry is the pay sage mora lise (an early poem is actually called this) in which the landscape becomes the emblematic topography of a spiritual condition. Auden, whose earliest reading was in geology and mining and who first thought of becoming an engineer, has always believed that the way we locate ourselves in space, in a specific landscape we alter and adapt to, both determines and reveals our moral being, our sense of personal destiny and collective responsibility.

The Marrying of Ann Leete (produced 1902). 1909; in Three Plays, 1977. BARKER 37 Prunella; or, Love in a Dutch Garden, with Laurence Housman (produced 1904). 1906; revised version, 1930. The Voysey Inheritance (produced 1905). 1909; revised version, 1913, 1934; in Three Plays, 1977. Waste (produced 1907). 1909; revised version (produced 1936), 1926; in Three Plays, 1977. A Miracle (produced 1907). The Madras House (produced 1910). 1910; revised version, 1925. Rococo (produced 1911 ). In Rococo ...

The Chalk Garden (produced 1955). 1956. The Last Joke (produced 1960). In Four Plays, 1970. The Chinese Prime Minister (produced 1964). 1964. Call Me Jacky (produced 1967). In Four Plays, 1970; (revised version, as A Matter of Gravity, produced I 97 5). Four Plays (includes The Chalk Garden, The Last Joke, The Chinese Prime Minister, Call Me Jacky). 1970. Fiction The Happy Foreigner. 1920. BAGNOLD Serena Blandish; or, The Difficulty of Getting Married. 1924. National Velvet. 1935. The Squire. 1938; as The Door of Life, 1938.

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